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Be Squared Design and Concepts is the brain child of Entrepreneur and Lifelong Creative Brent Barnett. As a musician, minister, and artist, Brent has developed a passion for using the arts to convey important messages. Beginning in 2011, Barnett began experimenting with graphic design as a medium of expression. What grew out of that can best be described as organic. 
As Barnett started to share his work with friends, folks gradually began asking for their own graphic design work to be done. Brent also enjoyed creating graphics for the various music and ministry projects he was working on. Little by little, Brent honed his skills and his passion grew, and along with it his business. 
Now, 7 years later, BSDC's designs can be found all over the world, going as far as Quatar and the UAE. Now, Barnett wants to help you bring your vision to life through design, consulting and brand management.